Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Knitting into the new year

New Year's Eve. I woke up WAY LATE (gimme a break, I'm sick) and at about 1:45 casually called Knit and Stitch = Bliss (too lazy to turn on the computer so I used their shopping bag for the number) to see how late they were open. "Three O'Clock" "And you got the Namaste knitting bags in?" "yes" "Ok, I'll be by soon" Then I think, wait, that gives me only one hour and fifteen minutes. It's a 45-minute metro ride (curse the red line) and then there's the walking thing. Shower? No. Makeup (ali just gave be bare minerals!)? No time. So I packed up my 2 socks on 2 circs and vitamin water ("force fluids" says my mom) and bolted to the metro. I femininely jogged the last few blocks, whilst realizing why people who are sick are supposed to lie down all the time. By the time I got to the place ten minutes before they closed, I panted something like, "I'm...here...for...the...Nam...as...te...bags", sinuses pulsating, and apologized for being sick and panting and disheveled. I was also sweating in my sweater and wool coat. To make a long story short, I got the bag (and some sock yarn)! It looks like this except in robin's egg blue.I sat in Starbucks for a while and transitioned to my new purse, then knitted some more of the socks. On the way home I stopped for some Champagne at the Union Station liquor shop. None of the employees or customers cared about my new bag, but I felt special.

Then later, Ali came over and we knit. What else is new. She looked at my loops--you know, those cotton-y loops that you made potholders with as a child--and I told her I was knitting the welcome mat from Mason-Dixon Knitting. She said, oh, can I loop them for you? Uh, sure if you want. So she looped them all together into this giant ball. She got a little uh...dusty. Then I decided I needed a new IPod Nano cover. It also solved the problem I have of random Noro Kureyon balls I have lying around. In trying to maintain color continuity on the thumb of my arm warmers from SnB nation, I ended up with many small yarn balls, not enough to make anything really (but no way am I throwing away any Kureyon bigger than a yard). Except an IPod cover! I think it looks great. Then when I woke up she had finished the loop ball, after taking an 8-hour sleeping break. A comment on Alison. She is a new knitter. She was getting bored with her 2x2 ribbed scarf, and wanted to learn cables, so I said, Oh, why don't you start knitting an Irish hikng scarf (after explainining to her what that knitters jargon meant). She said, "Oh, I can't start knitting something new until I finish this project!" What a rookie. At the same time, I am jealous of her self-control. Only one project at a time?!? This from the girl that considers carrot and celery sticks a stomach-filling snack.

Anyway, Ali and I came to a conclusion after discussing a predicament she is in. A friend of hers gave her some er, yarn for the Holidays. Ali is a new knitter, but even she recognizes the yarn's lack of quality. I won't name names, but it is the brand you are thinking of. It starts with an R. AAAAAnyway. We realized two interrelated things: one, the gift giver (probably) doesn't know about yarn and gave it to her with love. She recognized that Ali is a new knitter and took an extra step to donate to Ali's new hobby. Secondly, if this is the case, then the giver will appreciate something in this yarn, no? So the solution is to knit something for this friend of hers in the said yarn. That way Ali won't have to keep it. One present down, and Ali gets to practice.

At about 2am when I thought it might be a good time to go to sleep, I pondered what to do until I fell asleep...to wind down. Do my usual word puzzle from a Dell variety puzzle book? Knit? Nah, I had just finished something and am always scared of puncturing myself while asleep ever since I listened to knitting horrors episode from the stash and burn podcast. Ooh, maybe I'll start that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book. And so I did. The Yarn Harlot. My review? I LOVE HER. I read for a while, then woke up, made coffee, and read more while waiting for Ali wake up. Then I read some more in the gym, then more in line at Starbucks. SPM is awesome. I don't need to say anymore, because you probably know already. And if you don't, read it. My favorite so far was the letter from her UF cardigan.

Happy Knitting!

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