Saturday, July 5, 2008

...auf wiedersehen, goonight

On Wednesday we went for our last craftnite. Amy's house was gutted and the contents en route to Alaska, so we were at her neighbor's house. It was beautiful. Just my style. Lived in, yet colorful. Diverse furniture. There were lots of places to sit, which was inviting. Full of interesting things. Lots of love.

Selma treated us to some piano and Jay was just cute as a button as we all took turns trying to get him to stay in bed.
We snacked on tartlets and chocolate covered cheesecake bites.We ended the craftnite tradition how we began it: with a truly green craft. After days and days of packing boxes, Amy had tons of empty packing tape tubes. She thought it'd be cool to make a holder for her drop spindle.

Step 1: Measure to see how tall you want it. You can use it to store anything really--knitting needles, crochet hooks, writing/drawing stuff, etc.Step 2: Tape rolls together with packing tape
Step 3: The bottom. We cut a piece of corrugated cardboard into a circle and taped it.
Step 4: For the lid, Heidi and I were on the same page: she cut one of the rolls widthwise
and then inserted a little strip of cardboard into the opening.

This made a roll that was just wide enough for a lid.
Then they taped another cardboard circle onto this top, just as they did for the bottom.
In the meantime I was trying to make a thick disk for the top by cutting another tape roll into strips lengthwise, stripping the layers to make it thinner, and then spiraling them. I sort of gave up, but came out with this cute puck-looking thing that Amy ended up attaching to the lid, maybe as a handle to help take the top off?

What else than roving to put at the bottom to protect the end of the drop spindle?

Then we spent the rest of the night just knitting/crocheting, talking/gossiping.
We do plan on continuing craftnite at our place, but maybe on Sundays instead of in the middle of the week. We'll have to see...

We will still definitely be missing Amy's presence.


Susan said...

Do you have a pattern link to the green crocheted piece in the last picture? I love it!

emmybear said...

No, it was several years ago. The people I was hanging out with there now live all over the country. It probably was a design that my friend Amy O'Neill Houck was making. She has a presence on Ravelry. It looks like it is upside down. Maybe this: *(dc, ch, dc) into chain below, then ch2*, repeat? And it is worked on the bias.