Thursday, January 17, 2008

Knitting in circles

The past week I had a knitting circle marathon. Thursday night I met with a small group at Adega's in Silver Spring, Tuesday night also at Adega but with a huger group than usual! Amy helped me with a pattern and brought all the yarn samples she got from TNNA and we all felt them up. There were a few new people there too. It was so fun. Then I went with a new tuesday night knitter (Heidi) on Wednesday to A Tangled Skein in Hyattsville for their Sit and Stitch. They were super nice. When I told them I was going to buy something to begin knitting there, they were surprised! Then we all had a cake for an employee's birthday and sang for her. It was a great time. My purchases? Lamb's Pride Worsted for the felted Mancala Mia from, Here is the pic from the pattern, which you can find at Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn that I saw Jennifer knitting with on Tuesday. It looks awesome, I don't even want to knit it, just snuggle with it at night, but am also anxious to see how the colors turn out. I think I will just do stockinette since the yarn will speak for itself. I was scared, though, when Jennifer and Heidi both are knitting it on size zero! They both added, though, that they are loose knitters. So tonight I am speeding along with my Monkey socks so I can begin on this sock yarn (I only have one set of US2 dpn's). Here is the first one I finished:I hope to have another productive knitting week. This is my last week before the new semester.

Happy knitting!

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