Saturday, January 19, 2008


I am out of control--I counted my wips last night--8! 8!?! I need to seriously finish some. I know 8 is nothing compared to some of you. Here are my 8, in choronological order from when I started them: Sparkly camisole (formerly hibernating, 95% done), Monkey socks (80% done), Coachella halter top (90% done), Jeanie shawl (15% done), Noro Iro cowl (50% done), Triangle shawl (10% done), Mancala Mia board (10% done), Knit to Live/Live to Knit washcloths (45% done). Four of these I started or (re-started after hibernation) in the past few days.

% done does not correspond to amount of time need to finish. For example, I could finish the last 50% of the cowl faster than the last 20% of the socks. Jeanie is going to be finished probably months from now.
This long weekend I plan on finishing at least Coachella, the cowl, the washcloths, and the camisole. I will update you shortly. I tried on Coachella and realized I have matured a bit as a knitter: The pattern says, "knit it stockinette until 19.25" or until desired length minus .75"" 19.25" was branded into my brain. I then tried it on when about an inch away from being done, putting my finger at the projected end and thought, yeah, that length will be ok. I can't wait to be done. Then I thought, wait, I KNOW I like my shirts on the longer side. I want to like this. The top fits perfectly, so this top has the potential of being an oft-worn garment. I don't need the instant gratification of being done. I'm only done once, I'll have this shirt for a while. So, I decided to knit (gasp!) four more inches. It's stst in the round, please, I'll be finished in an hour (I'm an idealist at times).

Happy Knitting!

p.s. I JUST found out (thank you Stephanie Paerl-McPhee) that whenever I hear someone talking about EZ's pi shawl, they are not saying pie shawl. I had reasoned before that hey, a pie is round, maybe that's what she meant. Yeah I can be slow, like when I had realized much later than others that the frappucino meant 'frozen cappucino.'

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