Monday, January 21, 2008

Making progress on my WIP's

Ok, so my wips are under control. Here look:

My Coachella is finished, although I'm terrified of blocking it because it might stretch out. It fits perfectly now (that little shadow on the bottom is not a miskate, but a fat roll).

I turned the cowl into a hat. It was tricky decreasing with 2x2 ribs, but I figured out a way:

decrease row 1: K2, P2, K2, P2TOG
2, 4, 6, 8, 10: K the K's and P the P's
3: K2, P2, K1, SSK
Rotate so first stitch is last stitch, after knitting it
5: K1, P2, K1, K2TOG
7: K1, P2, K2TOG
9: K1, P2TOG, K1
11: K1, K2TOG
12: K2TOG

This creates an effect of one rib staying still while everything else kind of feeds into it.
I probably didn't invent it, but hey, at least i figured it out all by myself!

My washcloths are finished, although I ran out of yarn in the last 2 inches on the blue one, so it's on pause, but officially finished. The blue one says, "Live to Knit" now that I've knitted it almost all the way.

My sparkly camisole that I started a 57 years ago is finished (and itchy). I frogged the triangle shawl with the yarn of death (I hate this yarn), but then started the Absorba bathmat from Mason Dixon knitting since the yarn is all cotton, and am almost done!I knit a lot since this picture. Yay four skeins outta here, and it looks great.

Most importantly, I am progressing nicely on the Jeanie shawl. I have paused (and restarted and paused and restarted and paused) the regular part to work on the bottom edge prematurely, where you are supposed to work a reversible cable sideways whilst attaching it to the shawl's bottom au meme temps. Sorry the French just slips out sometimes.

Happy Knitting!

p.s. the Jeanie Knit-a-Long group on Ravelry has really come in handy!

p.p.s. check out my new knitting box. I had this box from Ikea with removable walls just lying around with nothing to do with it. It ended up being a great box for knitting supplies! And it's like $5 or something.

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