Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bloom! It's Spring!

Welcome back. Just wanted to fill you in on what I've been up to. I've been working diligently on my sock wips since I got the new Cookie A sock book and want to get going on some of her intricate designs. I purchased 6 skeins of sock yarn at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (subconsciously all the yarn I got there was sock yarn...Cookie was on my mind I guess).

I'm moving and have been gradually shoveling my stuff all .25 miles over to my new apartment (yay hardwood floors is good for yoga!) Here, Ringo is wanting to spend some of our final days together helping me to dismantle my massive LYS-loving Expedit shelves from Ikea.
I've also been enjoying Spring! Here I was experimenting with a camera feature. I'm sure it has some fancy photography name, but all I know is that the foreground is in focus and the background slightly blurry. I love it.

And this brings me to the focus of this blogpost: the scarf I'm knitting! The moment I saw the Blooming Cotton Scarf in Interweave Knits Spring 2009 I was drawn to it, as you can read in one of my last posts. It reminds me of being laid-back and exciting and daring for having so many colors. I, however, was drawn to some of my favorite Spring colors. I also wanted to save some $ so I got half as many colors and widened each row to 2.

Here it is so far. I wanted to share with you all, especially anyone interested in making it, the amazing design. It's knit in the round. Cast on 400 stitches! The first and last 15 stitches are not knit in pattern. After casting off, you simply cut (CUT CUT eek!) at the beginning of the round and UNRAVEL (eek!) until you get to the beginning of the stitch pattern, tie off, and Wabam! you have fringe.Not to mention the stitch pattern, which looks like fair isle but really isn't (mwah ha ha ha). You simply slip those magenta stitches every round until you knit with the magenta again. It makes these cute little ovals that pucker in. and the one row of purling of the magenta adds dimension too.
And inside each little oval are 2 wee stitches. Again, not fair-isled. They are knit, and all the rest of the round slipped.
Whether my explanation makes sense or not, try it! It's pretty easy and loads of fun! The hardest part is picking out the colors, truly. ...and casting on & the first few rows. Not difficult, but really annoying if you have to rip it out. I literally had to un-knit two rows early on. But it was worth it because it is looking beautiful!

I'll update you when I'm finished...