Monday, June 23, 2008

Daaaaaa da dada, daaa da dada

So I went to a wedding. My first peer wedding. I know most of you have had lots of experience in this, so think back to the day that you went to your first; when you first realized that you were growing up. This current feeling is of course combined with the fact that I also have a new job--a real job.

So back to the wedding. I tried to forget my plight and enjoy it, and subsequently had a blast. It was in the Ronald Reagan Building in D.C., which was really convenient or us metro riders/drinkers.

Before the ceremony:
Orchids...ces sont tres belles. They reused the room--and the floral arrangements--for the reception. Genius.

The happy groom
The march of the bridal party:

This is Angela's sister, who really has grown up since I last saw her in 2000!
And Sara, a good friend from high school.
"ok, here's what you do. pick up some petals, then just chuck 'em"

Then the beautiful bride. If the picture is blurry, it is because I was tearing up.
He gave a synopsis of how they met and everything. It was great. The ring exchange
You may kiss the bride!
And then the reception began. We waited for them to set it up while having hors d'oeuvres and Matt&Angelatini's.
The table assignments were given on these little chairs, filled with Kisses.
The beautiful cake
And the newlyweds with me. I felt bad because they probably had to pose a trillion times that day.
The room had metamorphasized from the ceremony into the reception by little elves.
My chair place-holder.
One of the reused arrangements.
"I know, let's get the same purse, but in different colors!"Not to be mean, they're probably nice girls.

At their table for two.
The groom's cake. All edible pictures, even the top.Our table (from the right): Sara, Reza (her bro, like an older bro to us too), the hole where I sat, Ali (my bff), Anna (who I hadn't seen in 12 years...we picked up where we let off), Dan (another HS friend), and Jackie (his friend).
Ang switched to jellies! So cute, and reminded me of middle school when she and I were in the creek and I lost one of my jelly shoes in the mud.
The back of her dress was just beautiul.

Cutting the cake. They didn't mess up each other's faces. What a disappointment.About to take the dive.

almost...Got it!
Followed by drunken dancing by all.
The party favor was make-your-own candy goody bags. All the candy was in the wedding's colors: green, lt pink, and dk pink.

It was a really fun night.

I'm in love

So the new Knitty came out (like last week) and I love it! As I was sitting at work waiting to figure out something to do (I'm new) I made a list of what I definitely will make, and what I'd like to make but probably never will.

I love the ziggy socks (b/c I love kureyon)

eloping (b/c I love making things that are fast and that are pretty...and this is both)

(p.s. i know i don't need a garter belt b/c I'm not getting married, but just leave me alone)

and byob (bring your own bag). (i'm into the reusable bag thing)

I'd love to make but most likely won't get to:



and Seascape
Like I have any time right now to make any of these. Once I get everything in order...I will return to you, beloved Knitty.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So the week has been pretty crazy since my last post. I started my new job on the boys adolescent rtc unit at Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health, and I feel like all of my attention is on this new position. It is my first job as a social worker, and I am learning a lot about what it means to be one in this setting. There is a lot of coordinating with other agencies; something you pretty much only learn with experience. It doesn't help that the unit is short-staffed. One of the intake social workers, who has been filling in as a social worker on my unit, has been giving me an unofficial orientation. She is keeping me sane. Anyway, I try to leave work stuff at work, so let's talk about knitting! My newfound roommate and job situations have left me out of the house a lot and busy doing all kinds of stuff on the weekdays and weekends, so I haven't had much time to just sit and knit, apart from knit night and craftnite.

I just updated Ravelry and I have 11 wips! Here they are:

3 tops(tilted duster part 2)(Heidi's raglan top. This is what I will now call it since she has made like 10 of them)(lotus blossom tank)

2 bags

(market bag)(amy's mini messenger bag)

2 socks
(for amy)
(my first tofutsies!)

1 shawl

(jeanie; taking forever, borderline hibernating)

1 blanket
(coma tv project)

1 baby hat
(for my new friend who is preggers)

and one access card holder.
(improvised by necessity)

I don't know where to even start explaining about these. I'm overwhelmed right now in many areas of my life, and like a bad social worker, I don't wanna talk about it (if talk to me outside of the blog, you know. If not, don't worry it's not that bad; I'm just sick of talking about it). Maybe if I finish some of these projects (and clean my room), I will feel more in control. They really are almost finished. Maybe I'll knock some out this weekend. Just sit at home on the couch with a couple movies; coffee, tea, or beer, depending on the time of day; these wips; and my roommates and/or the cat. Sounds lovely.