Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crochet hooks, etc.

Crochet Hooks, etc.

Here is a tutorial for a really easy crochet hook holder (drawing pencils, dpns, whatever). It takes no cutting and one long pass on the sewing machine.

1 quilting square (those squares of fabric you find at the fabric store or Michael's that come all folded up)
Sewing supplies (thread, needles, seam ripper, pins, etc.)
Either a sewing machine or lots of patience
About 24" of ribbon, ends singed

First, press about 1/2" to 1" on two opposing edges.
Then fold and press like so. You are folding the top and bottom into the middle, but not centered. This created the pockets for the hooks. Fold at this opening and press.
Fold the ribbon in half, and place the folded side between the layers of fabric so that when you sew this side up, the stitching will secure the ribbon, and you will end up with two 12" lengths of ribbon coming out. Pin this and each end in place.Now for the sewing. Starting on the side with the ribbon, sew from top to bottom. Make sure to reverse stitch over the ribbon to make it secure. When you get to the bottom, DO NOT finish and break the thread. Simply turn 90 degrees and stitch for like 1/2" or 3/4," then turn again and go back the way you came. It is like zigzagging, but squared.Here is a close up of one side:

This is to prevent lots of little ugly thread ends:
If you are really anal and/or patient you can vary the width of the pockets in order of hook size, but really...All done! This one is off to mom...
Now off to redo mine (the green one)

Happy knitting!

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cici said...

You made that look so easy. I like the orange color best.I think I will make one. Thanks.