Monday, March 17, 2008

Simple iPod cozy

Simple iPod Nano Cozy

Here is a simple cozy I made for my iPod nano. It is another great project for leftover Noro Kureyon. It also has minimal finishing, which I love. You can make it a little bigger for another size iPod.

Yarn: Leftover Noro Kureyon (worsted weight)
Needle size: I forget, but most likely I used US6. This is knit in the round so you will need DPN's or one circ (if using magic loop)
you also need a tapestry needle
Gauge: 5 stitches = 1", 8 rows = 1"

Cast on 20 sts leaving a long tail (18" long or so. You will be using this to seam later)
Divide over DPNs or magic loop.
Join in the round being careful not to twist.
Knit in stockinette for 32 rounds.
Bind off row: Knit 1, Bind off 17 sts.
You should have 3 stitches not bound off; 2 from the end of the round and one from the beginning. Put these 3 onto a DPN and work an i-cord for 26" or desired length to fit around neck.(note on this picture: iPod will be completely inside cozy. It was pulled out about an inch for this picture)
Break yarn with an 8" tail and thread onto tapestry needle.
Sew this end of the i-cord to the other side of the cozy using that horozontil seam that looks like kitchener stitch.
With the cast-on tail sew the bottom seam using the same seaming method (as you do for shoulder seams).
Weave in ends and you are finished!

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cici said...

Ooooo.. I like it,, I think I need to make one of these.. thanks