Thursday, January 31, 2008

Making plastic bags out of plastic bags, and Girl beers

So last night Heidi and I went over to Amy's house for a craft night. Originally we were going to have a lot more people and were going to mostly crochet, but it ended up being just a cozy four of us, first making chocolate and cheese fondues, with these cool mini beers to wash it down (which we nicknamed Girl Beer because women tend to sip). They were so cute!
Here, I had two going.

Then we began a craft that Heidi developed. It's simple and Green: ironing plastic bags so they become these sheets of well, plastic. They end up thick, thin, colorful, holey, or whatever you can come up with. Then you can make these sheets into bookcovers, bags, wallets, whatever. It was a challenge for me because I often follow patterns and directions, using my own creativity when the directions tell me to (e.g. picking yarn colors). Heidi and Amy take more risks in crafting (maybe elsewhere, I don't know. jk). They design. They sit down with needles and yarn and sometimes blank paper and make things up as they go. It was a nice challenge for me. Metaphorically speaking, when Heidi was making the fondue cheese, I hovered over her uncomfortably watching her make the "recipe." "How much garlic did you just put in?" "I don't know, I just put some in." Here are some pics of us:

Me, Heidi, and Tanya, sorting through some bags and designing.

Me, ironing a CVS bag.

Heidi, revealing her creation (we used vellum paper)

Amy's wallet, made from a green produce bag fused on top of a black shopping bag, the kind you get from the liquor store.

Here, I had transferred an image from a clear bag onto some other bags.

My CVS bag. I don't know how I'll use this one yet.

Next craft night I might be showing everyone how to crochet rugs out of fabric...stay tuned!

Happy Knitting!

p.s. ISO 1 US2 5" Brittany double-pointed needle that I left on the metro. It's probably near one of the forward-facing seats. in the middle of the car. Yes I know I can knit with only 4 needles, but it's the principle of the thing. Who am I kidding, someone is probably using it as a toothpick right now. "Ooh, what a nice toothpick! So smooth." grrr.


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Yeah that was fun! I'm excited to learn how to cut strips of fabric for yarn next week!

tati said...

Hi Emily-

Tanya here- I linked to you and the others over in my blog. Check out my painting project!