Monday, September 15, 2008

Hope it's not another 15 years...

So I haven't been to the zoo for like 10 or 15 years and have been itching to go, and since Sunday was looking like a great day, Christopher and I decided to head over. First, I went with the roomies
to "Adams Morgan Day," which might have been fun if we weren't totally preoccupied with how hot it was.

Afterwards I headed over to the zoo to meet Chris. Just when I was getting tired walking uphill from the metro and wondering when I would finally get there, I looked up and saw two giant lion sculptures. Oh yeah, it's zoo time...
The pandas were of course adorable. I wanted to cuddle with them, but Chris didn't think it was a good idea. Probably right...
The elephants were anti-climactic
They took my picture and didn't even ask me.Chris said that this monkey looked like it's having a mid-life crisis with this unnaturally looking blond hair.

Weirdest looking animal ever.
Fine don't talk to me.
But his tail was really cool.

A variegated squirrel.
A monkey just chillin like a villain.
A sloth living up to its name.
You can't tell, but these monkeys are tiiiii-ny. The one on the right is probably like 2 lbs.
"What's going on up there?"
So cute.
Mini Meerkat Manor.
Awwww! Can I take you home?
And this was a little creepy. He was staring right at me for a long time. fyi he is laying in this giant hammock.This one kept throwing up and eating his throw up. Gross.
An alligator caught in some elevator doors by the snout.
This figure was titled, "How to eat something that's bigger than your head." If you ever wanted to know.

This frog was really tiny. It was in this giant tank with grass and moss all around, and then these little frogs that were orange or yellow. It looked neat.
And a bright blue frog.

This one took advantage of the water. He ended up going all the way in; the mystery of why domestic cats hate water so much but wild cats like it. I guess it's out of necessity.
This bird was exhibiting attention-seeking behavior.
Some more wildlife. Watch as the homo sapien attempts to work his new camera phone.
A hot dog vending machine...I have no words besides awesome.
Afterwards we went to Tallula. They had really great food and wine. I also loved these stained-glass-ish windows made from wine bottle bottoms.

They had a really efficient way to serve the wine. It would be cool to have this in your house!

So that was my fun Sunday. Hope yours was fun too!


Linda said...

Hi just wandered over from the Hook & I. I haven't been to the zoo in almost 10 years either.
Got to get me one of them wine dispensers! How cool is that?!

tati said...

Hey Emily-
Tanya here, formerly of the Wed night Creative Girls get together at Amy's. (or was it Thurs...) I just wanted to get back in touch and ask you about Tues nite Adega- are you still going? I'm thinking of dropping in....