Monday, October 6, 2008

Hello again

Hi yarnies and muggles,

So I haven't been sharing much about my world with you recently, especially my knitting world. What a coincidence because I am in the middle of a wip-ending-and-beginning phase. I am still gradually working on my ripple afghan and Jeanie shawl (ok, this one not so swiftly. I think it actually has wrinkles now).

But guess what I have (almost) finished?Except that I'm just lazy enough that I don't feel like sewing the sleeves on just yet...

FYI this was my second time around making this and I made an adjustment: I put one extra buttonhole on one side of the collar a few rows after the PU edge to make it come together to a point at the bust how Ms. Gaughan intended.

I am also diligently working on my Oct-TOE-ber socks
and Noro Scarf.And I finally got Heidi to show me how to do the Heidi Stitch. This is what Amy and I call it. Heidi just invented it out of that creative little head of hers. It creates a thick, fluffy fabric, so I decided to use it with this chunky weight Jade Sapphire 100% Mongolian cashmere I was gifted.
But the most exciting thing is my newest project which I will commence knitting tonight.

I waited patiently for my Fall 2008 Interweave Knits to arrive and it never did. So I wrote a polite email to the IK peeps saying, "what's up, yo? I need to get my knit on." In so many words... And I vowed not to browse the patterns on Ravelry either. So I got it last Thursday only a few days after leaving the email. 15 minutes later I was ordering yarn for the Estes vest.

Cause you KNOW I love cables and the yarn that is called for: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky.

The yarn was shipped out Friday and today (Monday) I got this way-stuffed box in the mail.

Drumroll please...Yay! I love this yarn. It is one-ply, pretty soft for wool, and thick, so whatever you make in it will take no time.

Some other things I queued from this issue are the Little Blue Sweater

Dumpling Bag (for a quickie)
and Fresco Fair Isle Mitts
I would note more that I love, but let's face it, do any of us make more than a few things out of one issue? I wish I had the time and money to...

but alas, my Ravelry queue has 269 items!

Beyond life expectancy...yeah...

ok well happy knitting or whatever you do...

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Linda said...

Girl! Get those sleeves on, thats beautiful! And I love the Noro scarf. I'm on Rav too - fatcatcrochet