Saturday, September 13, 2008

Old, new, and really old...

Old Business:

here are some pictures from the beach that my dad took that I really liked:
Hanna is messing up my hair.
"And then the wave went like THIS!"
Playing cards on a rainy day.
The sun is back and I really regretted not bringing a bathing suit! The water was perfect. I went in anyway.One of our favorite beach traditions: splitting a giant italian sub from Surf's Up.Then this past weekend I got some neato knitting stuff~

Debbie Bliss the magazine, premier issue. The patterns look so debbie: simple and sophisticated. I love a few of the cabled tops.
Then I got these two Patons booklets that show you how to do different sweater pieces and then combine them however you want. V-neck, crew neck, long sleeves, no sleeves, regular/short body length. I just wish that they had 3/4 length sleeves. I'll prob just try to figure it out on my own. The book on the left is pullovers and on the right cardigans.
And lastly, I'm in LOVE with this Noro scarf. Post Christmas you might see many a loved one of mine in scarves like this.

p.s. I just got a bunch of pics from my dad that he has had forever. If you were ever thinking, "what the hell is she talking about?" when I talked about my Gymkana days, here is a glimpse:

From Maryland Day; I'm the one doing the handstand and Ali is supporting me.

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