Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hanna can't bring me down...

So last weekend I went to the beach. Beforehand on Friday, we finally caught this mouse that has been running around Vara's room. It was so little! We let it outside.
Then we headed off to the beach. It was post-Labor-Day so it was really chill there. My grandma has this amazing beach house. I love her style. Very clean and simple.

After an all-you-can-eat brunch where I took a picture of this flower (my dad kept taking pictures of flowers and saying, look what I can do, so I took this one in protest. I really like the pic though)we headed up to the beach to see how Hurricane Hanna was doing.
They just built these giant dunes.It was pretty windy. I cleaned off a film made of salt water spray mixed with mini sand granules from my glasses every 10 minutes.
We were surprised that they still had lifeguards on duty since it was after labor day.
These seagulls were just floating, like statues; no need to flap their wings because the wind was really strong.

Grandma didn't feel like coming down to the water. Isn't she so cute?
Family pic.
We spent the rest of the afternoon inside playing cards and knitting. Well, the knitting was really just me.
I was working on the Broad Street Mittens from Knitty.
Look how many ends I had to weave in! Damn fingers...We played gin rummy. After doing it, Dad regretted picking up this many cards from the discard pile. I think he wtill won that round, though. :-/
For dinner we went to Nantucket's. It was delish. The parking lot was made of broken shells. Only at the beach. It was pretty neat.
The next morning Hanna was visiting our friends in the north, and the skies were left blue as a blueberry. I took advantage of the weather and took some time to knit outside.At this point my camera's battery dies, but my dad took some great pics of me going into the ocean with my clothes on. Sorry, but it was just too nice outside. The water was the perfect temperature and there were plenty of people sunbathing and swimming. I was about to buy a swimsuit at an end-of-summer sale just so I couold swim, but my dad and grandma were like, "just go in with your clothes on." I didn't go all the way in. We also did a little mainstreet window shopping.

On Sunday night when I got home Heidi's friend from school came over to learn how to crochet. We made some pizza and yummy fruity drinks with fruit and basil in it. I decided to strain the bits out of mine, so I put the colander in the sink and just poured it down. :( Then I realized what I had done.

So we just sat and knitted/crocheted. Just the four of us. No tv. It felt a bit like...craftnite...again.

At the beach I went to Sea Needles and finally bought some Noro Kureyon for Jared Flood's Noro Scarf. I'm in love with this scarf!

That's all.

Happy Knitting!

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