Monday, June 23, 2008

Daaaaaa da dada, daaa da dada

So I went to a wedding. My first peer wedding. I know most of you have had lots of experience in this, so think back to the day that you went to your first; when you first realized that you were growing up. This current feeling is of course combined with the fact that I also have a new job--a real job.

So back to the wedding. I tried to forget my plight and enjoy it, and subsequently had a blast. It was in the Ronald Reagan Building in D.C., which was really convenient or us metro riders/drinkers.

Before the ceremony:
Orchids...ces sont tres belles. They reused the room--and the floral arrangements--for the reception. Genius.

The happy groom
The march of the bridal party:

This is Angela's sister, who really has grown up since I last saw her in 2000!
And Sara, a good friend from high school.
"ok, here's what you do. pick up some petals, then just chuck 'em"

Then the beautiful bride. If the picture is blurry, it is because I was tearing up.
He gave a synopsis of how they met and everything. It was great. The ring exchange
You may kiss the bride!
And then the reception began. We waited for them to set it up while having hors d'oeuvres and Matt&Angelatini's.
The table assignments were given on these little chairs, filled with Kisses.
The beautiful cake
And the newlyweds with me. I felt bad because they probably had to pose a trillion times that day.
The room had metamorphasized from the ceremony into the reception by little elves.
My chair place-holder.
One of the reused arrangements.
"I know, let's get the same purse, but in different colors!"Not to be mean, they're probably nice girls.

At their table for two.
The groom's cake. All edible pictures, even the top.Our table (from the right): Sara, Reza (her bro, like an older bro to us too), the hole where I sat, Ali (my bff), Anna (who I hadn't seen in 12 years...we picked up where we let off), Dan (another HS friend), and Jackie (his friend).
Ang switched to jellies! So cute, and reminded me of middle school when she and I were in the creek and I lost one of my jelly shoes in the mud.
The back of her dress was just beautiul.

Cutting the cake. They didn't mess up each other's faces. What a disappointment.About to take the dive.

almost...Got it!
Followed by drunken dancing by all.
The party favor was make-your-own candy goody bags. All the candy was in the wedding's colors: green, lt pink, and dk pink.

It was a really fun night.

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