Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm in love

So the new Knitty came out (like last week) and I love it! As I was sitting at work waiting to figure out something to do (I'm new) I made a list of what I definitely will make, and what I'd like to make but probably never will.

I love the ziggy socks (b/c I love kureyon)

eloping (b/c I love making things that are fast and that are pretty...and this is both)

(p.s. i know i don't need a garter belt b/c I'm not getting married, but just leave me alone)

and byob (bring your own bag). (i'm into the reusable bag thing)

I'd love to make but most likely won't get to:



and Seascape
Like I have any time right now to make any of these. Once I get everything in order...I will return to you, beloved Knitty.

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