Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So the week has been pretty crazy since my last post. I started my new job on the boys adolescent rtc unit at Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health, and I feel like all of my attention is on this new position. It is my first job as a social worker, and I am learning a lot about what it means to be one in this setting. There is a lot of coordinating with other agencies; something you pretty much only learn with experience. It doesn't help that the unit is short-staffed. One of the intake social workers, who has been filling in as a social worker on my unit, has been giving me an unofficial orientation. She is keeping me sane. Anyway, I try to leave work stuff at work, so let's talk about knitting! My newfound roommate and job situations have left me out of the house a lot and busy doing all kinds of stuff on the weekdays and weekends, so I haven't had much time to just sit and knit, apart from knit night and craftnite.

I just updated Ravelry and I have 11 wips! Here they are:

3 tops(tilted duster part 2)(Heidi's raglan top. This is what I will now call it since she has made like 10 of them)(lotus blossom tank)

2 bags

(market bag)(amy's mini messenger bag)

2 socks
(for amy)
(my first tofutsies!)

1 shawl

(jeanie; taking forever, borderline hibernating)

1 blanket
(coma tv project)

1 baby hat
(for my new friend who is preggers)

and one access card holder.
(improvised by necessity)

I don't know where to even start explaining about these. I'm overwhelmed right now in many areas of my life, and like a bad social worker, I don't wanna talk about it (if talk to me outside of the blog, you know. If not, don't worry it's not that bad; I'm just sick of talking about it). Maybe if I finish some of these projects (and clean my room), I will feel more in control. They really are almost finished. Maybe I'll knock some out this weekend. Just sit at home on the couch with a couple movies; coffee, tea, or beer, depending on the time of day; these wips; and my roommates and/or the cat. Sounds lovely.


C Meir said...

When do you breathe?

cici said...

ahhh some lovely projects for sure. now breatheeeeee.:D