Thursday, May 1, 2008

Look what I can do!

I have been very productive craft-wise this week due to the no-homework-anymore factor:

I finished my frame project. I painted all these ikea frames black and then arranged the glass over a hand-drawn map of Paris. I cut out and framed the map pieces, and arranged them on the wall the same way I arranged them on the map. If you look closely you can see the Seine weaave in and out of the frames.

I finished my wee magazine box that NO ONE wanted to do but me at craft nite (no bitterness)
I got this Men's L shirt from McGinty's for giving a smart-ass answer to a question (Which company has the slogan, "Nothin says lovin' like somethin' from the oven"?) So, through inspiration from Heidi, I refashioned it to fit a teeny girl like me.
I made massive progress on this design I'm contract crocheting for Amy. It's a vest made from O(rganic)-wool. I heart the texture. Can'twait to start the crocheted ribbing!Here is my mom's mother's day present.
And my favorite new project. There was literally like 12 hours from when I decided to make this to when it looked like this, and most of that time was spent sleeping. Heidi was driving me home and we were discussing the magic that is raglan sweaters. I said, "I should make one some day". She said that the one she had just finished (the yellow one, see next post) was the "Anthropologie-Inspired Caplet" and she had just worked it in the round to make it a top. I dug through my stash and found this Storm Moon Knits Celestial Bulky that I had bought at the Yarn Party with no intention.
It looks great I think. Since I only had one skein and need two, I decided to either buy another or get a solid black for the boobs down. I couldn't find the latter, so I emailed the Storm Moon Knits chick who I met at the Yarn Party and asked her its availability, since it seems her Etsy site wasn't working. Guess what. She said that she only has ONE SKEIN left, that she was going to use it on a scarf for herself, but that she'd be willing to just let me buy it......!!!!!!!.....How nice of her. Back when I thought I'd use black I decided to stop at the armpit and finish the few sleeve rows on either side, hoping to heaven that I'd have enough yarn. I really had no idea. It could have gone either way. Guess what.
I finished with only inches to spare!!! We have to come up with a name for this, besides "luck." This happens so much for me. It just happened last night to Heidi too.

Oh, and Andrea Berman Price, the author of KnitSpeak, just published a pattern for this book cozy, which fits KnitSpeak perfectly. I just need to felt it.

So that's pretty much it. I 'm psychologically and financially preparing myself for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival that happens this weekend. My two rules so as to not go overboard: a list, and cash only.

Happy knitting!

p.s. although the real answer is Pillsbury, mine was Planned Parenthood

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