Monday, May 12, 2008

And she paid me in yarn

Today I went with Amy to A Tangled Skein so she could shoot crochet how-to videos for, a website that posts videos of experts showing how to do random stuff.
This is Amy's...
microphone. She almost put it in backwards; with the microphone in the back of her pants. [insert flatulence joke here] Silly girl! The producer set up the lights and stuff.
He complimented her on being so well-prepared. He kept saying, "I'm so used to waiting for the people to get ready in between takes."
Practicing the script.
I wore this lovely shawl that Amy made because I was cold and I love it. I had to take it off at one point so it could be used in one of the clips.Outtakes!! "...and I'm at a Tangled Stain...:
I was diligently crocheting swatches to be used in upcoming clips. I was like a knitster on Knitty Gritty (a tv show [which Amy was also on] in which there is a tutorial while some people are knitting in the background). I was a crochetster...or a crotchster, as Amy put it...
My pile. Between clips I would get up and use the computer to check my Ravelry queue (a waitlist for projects I want to make). I would also add to my pile. Amy had mentioned that another one of her contract crocheters requested to be paid with a gift certificate to this store. "You could do that too." I thought, hmmm... hence, my pile began.
During a video.
Don't worry, the bark that sounds when I take a picture with my camera was muted.

My paycheck: the new Interweave Knits, 3 balls of Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran for a shawl, some Noro Silk Garden for one of Amy's patterns, some Tofutsies LE because everyone says it's awesome (which came with a free pattern), Hempathy for a necklace, and a Clover hook because I had opened it during taping to begin Amy's bag pattern and then fell in love with it.
I hit the budget at that point with items to spare, so I just bought those myself. Volumes 1 and 2 of the Berroco Norah Gaughan series, and Burly spun for a purse.We were craving Five Guys, so we stopped there on the way home.

Trying to get a job interview...I'm playing phone tag with this woman from a psych hospital.
Then we stopped at Amy's so she could give me yarn for a new contract project, and a Ravelry Beta t-shirt that she had extra that says, "where my stitches at?"

Awesome day, more fun to come. We are going to view the new apartment and hopefully sign the lease, and then off to Pub Quiz at McGinty's, which my best friend is coming to this week! It was weird to not be in school today. First Monday off in a while. It was nice. Right now it is 4:43. If it was a normal Monday, I would be antsy in my chair wondering whether we would get out of class in time to make the 5:15 train. Not today. Today I hung out in a yarn shop with a friend, got yarn, ate a great lunch, will get a new apartment with friends, and will end the day drinking and trivia-ing with friends. Followed by sleep. I will savor this day because it is one in a million.

Happy knitting!

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Valerina said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and was happy to find another local blogger! I loved your recap of MDSW, so detailed and so many great pictures! I just got my ravelry invitation today and am hoping to meet other local fiber lovers and spinners under the age of...well, you know :) Oh, and attend the ravelry party next year - Im so jealous!