Sunday, May 11, 2008

All alone

No more cats trying to escape into the hallway when I open the door.
No more litter box smell.
No more cats walking across my computer, knitting, and books while I'm using them.
No more making sure I get home in time to feed them.
No more cat hair everywhere.
No more "it's time to playfight" when it's time for me to sleep.
No more feeling wet nose on my forehead when Shadow headbutts me awake.
No more waking up to sleeping cats on me.
No more letting Shadow smell my breath.
No more James hugs.
No more Shadow watching me knit or put lotion on.
No more rubbing tummies.
No more Shadow waiting for me when I get out of the shower and watching me in the bath.
No more making shadow puppets on the wall as I fall asleep so Shadow can chase them.

Wow I'm a cat lady.

I'm moving, and my cats can't come with me, so I returned them to catland, aka my mom's house, temporarily until I can have them back. Tonight is my first night without them for a while. All alone. :*(


Roberta said...

How can you sleep without the sound of a cat purr?

C Meir said...

Wow. How are you able to get up in the morning? My cats always take care of that for me.