Thursday, May 8, 2008

Break out the drop spindles

Amy gave us a heads up that the mighty spinner Rebecca was going to join us for craftnite, so I should bring my new drop spindle for assistance in figuring out how the hell to work it. I passed the message along to Heidi and we showed up ready to spin.

But first, I needed to block the shawl I made for mom for mother's day. Amy offered to let me use her blocking board and wires. First, she washed it.
I realized the disadvantage of learning to knit through books. There are some holes in my knowledge, such as the tip to not swoosh a delicate lace shawl in a sink full of water. (should've been a duh). Amy kept catching me being too rough with it.

Then we stuck the magic wires in and pinned it into place. I stretched that shawl outwards as much as I thought it needed, and then Amy came back over and said, "stretch it till you can't stretch it nomore"
I was worried, but I trusted her.
Amy and I moved the fully stretched shawl out of the way to dry.Meanwhile, Rebecca had come over with her huge bag of roving. She was showing Heidi correct form in using the drop spindle. "pull until you feel it get just a little loose"
Then she came over and showed me.Lisa was determined to finish this contract-knit hat for Amy.
Selma made a cameo appearance after reading some Harry Potter to show off what she made on Rebecca's drum. She did such a great job! You can't see, but there are sparkles in it. yum.She is also learning to spin.Amy broke out her new wheel. She took a spinning class at the MDSW festival.Heidi was on her own and spinning like a pro.Here are some of Amy's creations. And Rebecca's beautiful yarn.
As the night came to an end I unpinned my shawl, hoping to discover the alleged magic that is shawl blocking. Well I have to say that I was in awe. This is it stretched out to its fullest:
And then after it dried and I unpinned it:
same size! it's MAGICToday, like my cats, I had a lazy day.
My blasted Jeanie shawl has miraculously doubled in length.
And I diligently worked on a contract crochet pattern for Amy, her Mini Messenger Bag. She doesn't know yet that I'm not giving it back.
just kidding.

Happy Knitting!


Amy said...

Cool pictures! You're now an official blocker! The bag looks great!

Heidi said...

1. Your cats are precious. I especially like how big old James appears to be sitting on little Shadow's head.

2. oh-em-gee, that Noro bag is even more amazing than I imagined. I might have to take a slight break from the raglan tops to make myself one. A Tangled Skein run soon?

3. I had fun tonight! Namaste.

Anonymous said...

I thing I'm actually more "flighty" than "mighty" but you guys rock on the drop. Happy spinning. -Rebecca

emmybear said...

actually, shadow is sitting on james's man just can't see bc shadow is so black.