Monday, October 13, 2008

Progress...and the curse.

So I am making great progress on my Estes Vest. Here, look:I just have one more front side to do, and then it's finishing time. The pattern fortunately calls for alternating between seaming and edging, which will lessen the bore factor.

And now on a sad note...

Hello my fellow single knitters...I just wanted to share some research I recently completed. It was a mythbusters test on "the curse." Now for women in general, the curse refers to that monthly gift, but to knitters it means something totally different. I believe the saying goes, "never knit your man a sweater until you have the ring." Well, friends, my test confirms this hypothesis. And I didn't even need to knit an entire sweater, just some fingerless gloves. And vamoose. No explanation. But the curse makes sense to me now. Now I'll know for next time.

Still, I swear I should have used Red Heart Super Saver instead of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.

Good luck and happy knitting.


Molly said...

No comments yet? How can that be after a story so sad? Well, he didn't deserve the good stuff after all, but someone will. So sorry... *shaking head*

Martha H said...

I'm with Molly...the next one will get a Red Heart garter stitch scarf...and he'll wear it on your honeymoon :-)

Linda said...

With an attitude like that…well let’s just say he wasn’t the “one”.