Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pick your own

Today we went apple and veggie picking @ Larriland Farms near Olney/Laytonsville, MD. We had a really fun and exhausting time. On the way in we saw this girl take a tumble on a giant pumpkin and just had to get a shot of it. Cruel, yes.
It was a tid-bit nipply outside. The southern girls were sporting their hoods.
We started on the broccoli. Ever wonder how it grows? Like this:
I stocked up.
There was also spinach, but I passed...
But I was all about dem beets!Ali strangely had enough vegetables. I never thought that was possible.

We headed for the apples. They advertise 18 varieties, but this weekend only like 4 were available. They had some great ones, though. Stayman, Braeburn, Fuji, and Empire.

The staymans were the tallest.

She was actually off the ground here.

There was a lot of taste testing. Often followed by the descriptors "tart" or "sweet."
Heidi!Oops I tripped. It's my karma for eating apples I didn't pay for.
We stumbled upon some eggplant. Here's a wee one.
Me and my bff!
And this beauty of a green pepper.
We headed into the market/food/music area and watched this woman carve wood with a chainsaw and torch.
Ahh! I'm stuck under this glass.
And a punkin with some pumpkins. If whenever in the future I have a baby, and I do this, stop me please. It reminds me of Angela on the office when she draped the baby in lettuce. lol. This pumpkin had self-esteem issues.
This pumpkin was all scarred up. I felt bad for it and bought it. It's pretty cool actually.They had the weirdest butters and marmalades in the market. Besides the regular apple, pumpkin, and berry, they had pear, lemonade, and mint apple.
On the way home stopped in a real country store for some grub. I got an awesome pulled pork sandwich.
And back in Silver Spring, the trunk was full of fresh goodies to cook up.
What a great time! There was perfect fall weather and the day was full of great conversation, and old and new friends. Now I'm chillin at home and planning on finishing the Estes vest and perhaps the tilted duster, but don't quote me on that. Wait, err...

Hope your Saturday was fun too!


Linda said...

I SO would have bought the scarred pumpkin too! You think the butters were weird? Have you seen Raspberry Jalapeno Jam? I ask "Seen?" b/c I've seen it but will never try it:)

The Purloined Letter said...

What a great trip! David and Abraham went last week and came home with bushels of apples--and some are now dehydrating and others canned into applesauce. We love going to Larriland each fall--and in the spring for strawberries!