Sunday, April 27, 2008

Speedy Gonzales

This was my first week sans internship and man, did I make the best of it. I dwindled my wips from 10 to 5. Yippee. Plus, I started and finished a mini project, a little tooth for my dentist. She is my age (which I'm still traumatized by) and also a knitter. It was my last appointment on Friday. I wanted to knit something since we're both knitters and to thank her for a great job. I had expected her to use it to give to kids (who she wants to work with) when they are getting a shot or something, but she said she wants to put it in a shadow box and hang it up in her future office. I was flattered.
I wanted to just give up on the following two scarves and send them into hibernation since winter is a long way from now, but somehow while watching chunks of Lost episodes via ABC's website, I finished both blasted scarves. I think I'll save them for Christmas presents. First, the ever popular My So-Called Scarf:When my dentist and I were waiting for the impression to set for my inlay, I went on the internet on the computer (long story involving how this place is state-of-the-art) and showed her all the holiness that is Ravelry. I left it on "by accident" when I left. This past Friday she told me how she used it to link to this pattern and showed me the progress she has made on it so far. All part of my plan to convert non-Ravelers to Ravelers. Mwah ha ha ha.

And the other blasted scarf, Wavy:
I also finished Norah Gaughan's awesome Brea Bag:
I made a braided I-cord strap since I couldn't find leather straps in my price range that I liked. I will post a tutorial for making this strap.I also put in snaps and a lining with a cell-phone pocket.
And I also finished the Potholder Loop Welcome Mat from Mason-Dixon Knitting. It was too fat to fit, though. The door just pushes it when it opens. So then I had the "bright" idea to block it. Well, I will tell you something. Getting cheap-ass brightly-colored cotton loops wet was not my best idea. First of all, it is still wet. Second off all, the colors bled like crazy. It even stained my designated blocking towels. Yeah, the color probably won't come off the next time I go to block something else, but I'm not going to risk it. I'll just trash them. And just to kick me when I'm down, the stupid thing is still to thick. Maybe I'll use it in the kitchen or something. Or the bathroom, since the dye also stained my bathmat. :-(

And now the moment you have all been waiting for. After months of being in pieces, I FINALLY finished the sodding Mancala board. Praise all that is holy. I was sick of looking at this wip, both in my knitting basket and on my projects page on Ravelry. It was really hard to sew together. To felt, I put it in the washing machine and then dried them on cups to ensure a uniform size. To sew, I recommend stuffing cotton balls into each cup to retain that size and because mine had a tendency to want to fold while I was sewing them. I sewed each six-cup row together just under the lips of the cup, and then sewed one row to the other, one cup at a time. Then I sewed these 12 to the board, then the two "home" cups to the end mini cups, then to the board.
I also made these little stones out of Sculpey. I wanted a contrasting yet multi-tonal stone, so I got red and orange, and rolled them together to make a marbleized effect. They turned out perfect.
Happy knitting!

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