Sunday, April 27, 2008

Home again

On Saturday I went to Maryland Day at the University of Maryland, College Park. I had a nostalgic-good time.
Ever need to make ice cream in a flash? Here is the recipe:
Stir really fast:
And voila! It was delicious.
My former second home, the BioPsych building:
It was in front of this building that we discovered why we had seen people with gobs of cupcakes walking around the campus. I had been thinking, how did these people get so many cupcakes, they couldn't have been for free! Alas, they were. They had baked a trillion cupcakes, iced them with Maryland's colors, and then arranged them into the MD emblem:
These workers spent all day disassembling the picture, bringing cupcakes to the hoard of people in front of surrounding tables. People were taking a dozen at a time. They probably still had extra!

Then off to Stamp Student Union. The food court finally had all the merchant booths full:
McDonald's, Saladworks, Steak Escape, Chick Fil-A, Taco Bell, Panda Express, etc. They also have a movie theather, Co-op, bowling alley, pool/games room with a Subway inside, an art studio, a nice restaurant, coffee bar, art gallery, two-level bookstore, Mailboxes etc, Chevy Chase Bank, convenience store, etc. I was thinking two things: when do these kids study, and man, I want to be in college again. My brother said that the more he sees, the more excited he becomes to go to school here.

Outside Stamp is a life-size statue of Jim Henson, a famous UMCP-er who was the first to make his own major, Puppeteering. Interesting fact: my research professor at the School of Social Work in UMBaltimore allegedly has the exact proportions as Jim Henson had, so he was the model for this statue. He said that they did a cast of him.
Ahh, McKeldin, my favorite library. You can find any psych research article in print here. I missed it while at UMB.
Now a 180* to the mall. My brother got worried. I said, no, Edward, don't worry, there are no stores.

But there was a UFO.
Kids playing in the fountain. I held my composure. I only wanted to jump in this fountain every hot day I was at MD.
The sundial, to see if you're late to class.
Sumo wrestling.
A velcro wall.

A climbing...cone.And as things were being deflated and tables were being emptied and carted away, I realized that my nostalgic day was over.

The end.

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