Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cr...ochet nite

MOM don't read this blog

We had a pretty chill craft nite. Just sat around and crocheted. Amy was working on a new pattern for crocheted socks. I shared that I have always wanted to knit or crochet a sock onto a foot, so Amy tried it out when she was finishing the heel:It worked ok I think. She does yoga, so she's bendy.

Heidi was also improv-ing a pattern for a halter top. It looks great so far. It's always good to have Amy around when you are making things up as you go along! Here she is giving some designer advice to Heidi.
Heidi came over last night for a knit nite and brought this halter again. She has cast on for the back and we realized how different crochet works when you are doing it in the round as opposed to back and forth. I like it in the round better. Each stitch looks more the same, whereas when doing it the other way every other row is the back of the stitch.

I was working on Amy's antique shawl for mother's day. Turns out Amy used a slightly bushier yarn with some mohair, so my gauge is like 1/4 of hers. It's ok, though, because the pattern is easily adaptable. I was the first one to do the pattern. I think I need to keep it away from Amy because she really likes it. She might steal it! LOL
Selma: "Is this a kerchief?"
My favorite part of the night was when Amy gave us some yarn she picked up at the thrift store! She managed to personalize it which is hard to do at a thrift store, I think. For Hillary, who made a cameo appearance at craft nite with her dogs, Amy got some Knit Picks yarn of some non-animal sort, since Hillary is a vegan knitter.
For Heidi she got this KnitPicks Merino Sock yarn in an awesome shade of pink. It still had some unfrogged knitting on the end.
She got me some old school wool-ease sprinkles. I see some man scarves in its future for Christmas presents.
You can tell it's old school by looking at the label: MJDesigns????? I LOVED that store! Does anyone know if they just changed their name to Michael's? It seems like the same store. The yarn was actually more expensive it seems, back then. Now it's like $2.49 after inflation.
Amy got herself some really awesome yarn, but I didn't manage to get a pic for some reason. I forget what it is, but I do remember that it was a find.

So hopefully next week we will think of some awesome craft to do, perhaps making our own bath and body products...

Happy knitting!

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