Sunday, April 20, 2008

I was a bad, bad girl

Going to bed Friday I was thinking, ok, party's over (literally, we went to a party), let me down some water to have a sans hangover Saturday so I can get some WORK done. I'll even let myself sleep in. Ok, well that didn't work so much. I woke up at like 6:30 am. I finished a journal entry for art therapy class, then...turned on my computer...which is always a bad idea. Had to check facebook and ravelry, of course. Then I had "one more episode" syndrome on ABC's full episode player website in terms of LOST. Damn, I love that show. Sawyer...yum... I was productive in terms of knitting, however. I finished the My So Called Scarf.

Ok, now I'll start working. I planned what I specifically needed to do. Finish art journals and set up outline for paper by the end of today. Paper tomorrow. Readings for class Monday on the train. Then I took a shower. Then I decided I needed a haircut! You know, starting a new career in a few weeks and all... So I called Bubbles (in inspiration from Heidi's new cut) near Union Station and set up an appointment for 3pm. That'll give me enough time to knock out these journal entries and then spend all day Sunday on my treatment paper. Except that it was 1pm, and I needed to leave at least by 2 seeing that the metro is on weekend schedule. And by the time I figured this all out, it was 1:30. Oh, it gets worse.

So I headed out to Bubbles, figuring that if I get there early I can read as well as read on the metro. Then I found a crossword puzzle on the seat. The girl at Bubbles saw me early. She did such a good job! I gave her the following picture:and the final result is pretty close. Finally a stylist is not afraid to cut the back as short as the front. The past two I went to said, "no, that will look bad." Anyway, she is great. This is her fave style to cut, coincidentally. Her name is Noemy.

So then I decided for some reason to go to Georgetown. Whenever I go, whoever I'm with doesn't want to go to all the same stores I want to go to, or there's not enough time, blah blah blah. So I took advantage of being alone. There were SO many tourists there. It was a beautiful day. I went to La Madeleine, Sephora, Steve Madden, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, J.Crew, and H & M. After that, my wallet and I were tired and I headed home. I only made two purchases, but big ones, guiltily. At Urban Outfitters I got a new wallet, and then lucked out at the clearance table. I got two paper star lanterns, a Rorschach game that would be a great party game, and something for craftnite that I want to be a surprise. At H & M I went buck wild. I got some work clothes though, so that's good. And I got a lot for what I spent. And everything...umm...complements my features...which is the most important, after all (according to Stacy and Clinton). On my way to the metro I spotted some awesome cigar boxes just inside Georgetown Tobacco. The second hand smoke and 4 bucks was worth it. So then I made the trek back home, making a slight detour when I took the red line several stops in the wrong direction. Glad I looked up when I did! I got home at 9, did one more journal entry out of guilt, went online for a while and settled into bed pretty late.

So now it's Sunday--onto my paper. I just finished the journals. I figure if I type nonstop for the next several hours I will be able to go to bed at a decent hour. We'll see. Then I'll only be ONE PAPER AWAY FROM GRADUATION! also 26 days.

Happy knitting! (i'm jealous)

p.s. I call this one "trois chats" What a cooky boy, this one...

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CiCi and CAJtalk said...

Nice job on the scarf, I need to finish mine. Love the colors. You know, a good hairdresser is a priceless like a gem.