Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reinforcing the hoarding behavior...

Hi! So this week has been a low-key crafting week. Some old business: I looked on the wall and realized that I hadn't shared this project with you yet. I had been inspired by a wallpaper I saw online of these abstract queen anne's lace. I had one of those moments where old craft supplies that you have been saving for the right project and new craft supplies that you should throw away but can't come together in a craftravaganza. I was painting the walls of our apartment and had some extra paint left over. Then I looked over at two stretched canvases I'd been hoarding. After painting the background and flower stems monochromatically, I put on contrasting buttons for the buds with a hot glue gun. I think it turned out great! I made two and put them on either side of a doorway.So back to this week. Yesterday I went to American Apparel with my new income and bought this skirt I wanted to buy many weeks ago when I was poor. I got a two for one: the actual skirt, and the skirt as a pattern. I plan to lay it across some fabric (at a bias of course since there is no hem) and cut & sew away! I'm still trying to figure out the elastic waist. Maybe I'll do a drawstring instead.
This week I've also been working on Elisa's Nest Tote by the purl bee by doing the attached i-cord straps,
those socks for Amy (she wants knitted socks but doesn't want to knit them),
and a baby kimono from this Lion Brand crochet kit I got on sale for only $8 from Border's. Granted, it included less-than-desirable yarn and 5 plastic crochet hooks, but also 50 project cards of varying degrees of difficulty.
I had another "aha! my hoarding paid off!!" moment today when I found this clipboard at work that was covered in teenage-boy permanent marker graffiti. The back was even worse, with one of my kids' names plastered all over. I thought I'd modge-podge it, and then remembered these silver stickers I've been hoarding. They are from by Bath&BodyWorks days. We had used them to seal this one brand's shopping bags, but my boss who was trash-happy decided we didn't need them anymore, so I of course swiped them before they were chucked since I can't see perfectly good raw found objects just be wasted.I did a straight-across design on the front

Layered to hide the spaces.
And concentric circles on the back, layered like crackers on a cheese plate.
I also layered them double to eliminate the spaces.Then I just trimmed the edges off.
Piece o' cake!

I might mo-po it since the surface might not be good for writing, but we'll see. I was also thinking about a duct tape border since it's silver too.

Man my hands look just like my mom's here.

Happy crafting!


cici said...

I'm gonna call you "Emmy so crafty" projects..:D

jennifer said...

well done! And the cat looks like my old lady cat! She "must" be related (right -- my old lady's 15)

Heidi said...

LOVE the clipboard! And the documentation! Can't wait to see it tonight. (like that I'm commenting on your blog even though we live together? that's what happens when I haven't seen you in a week) Did you finish the skirt? I can't wait to see all of these new projects!!!

PS. I love that Ringo managed to camera-hog himself into just about every picture. Such a bashful cat.