Friday, July 18, 2008

Proud to be an american...sort of

Well, last Saturday was a typical American afternoon. Going to several large chain stores in shopping centers in the suburbs--going in just to do something--and coming home with several large (plastic) bags full of crap I don't need, and spending money I shouldn't have spent. Hey, at least it wasn't put on credit cards. But on the other hand, the stuff I bought was so cool! When I went to Micheal's, I was immediately immersed in an end display of merchandise brought to us by the publishers of Generation T. If you haven't realized the wonders that are this book, I will tell you know now. It centers around just about my favorite craft at the moment: repurposing. T-shirts is what this book is focused on. I have 2 other books about this, but I like that this book doesn't just "give you a fish." It teaches you how to redesign t-shirts by offering a design suggestion and then alternatives so that you can really get into the mindset of creating your own masterpieces. Plus, it stresses our need to reuse, and it offers more than just skimpy shirts, but also stuff for guys and accessories too. Yes, some of the designs are simply turning t-shirts into their former being--jersey fabric--that you can creatively sew into anything you want if you are inclined in sewing clothing on the fly (see Heidi). I tend to gravitate more to the designs that take advantage of the fact that it is in a t-shirt shape already. Anyway, regardless, I love this book.
I picked up some decals and stuff that are meant to be used in this process. The pack in the lower left has a "running with scissors" patch that I thought my brother would like, and the other packs have recycling-themed patches and iron-ons. And you know that after I had all of these in hand, I was at the mercy of American retail. I just "had" to get the book. No, but seriously people, I am the worst at being swayed by advertisements. I have literally watched a commercial on tv at home, seen a product I like, and then have gotten up and left the house after the commercial ended to buy it. And this is why it took 2 days for me to move my American shitload of crap to another apartment in the same complex. Grr... I now have Niecy Nash in my head (from Clean House) while I'm shopping, asking me if I "really need that." I think this is why I was such a good salesperson at Bath and Body Works; because I really believed that everyone needed 16 lotions because they "are only $5!!" Ok, sorry. Just had to vent.

So here are my creations:

a wrap shirt that uses the former front as the back

a bias-cut
a tie-back

a scoop neck
and this one that fit really well except for that it was too short, so I plan on sewing this failed bottom piece of a shirt on to the bottom. Haven't gotten around to sewing it yet.

I also have been collecting/hoarding bottle caps since we moved in. Yeah, ok, we drink a lot of beer. Hey, we also had a party with lots of guys who could hold their alcohol. I don't know what I'm going to make with them yet, of course.

I also picked up cupcake liners in three sizes and pipe cleaners at Michael's to try my hand at some flowers.

I think it turned out ok. I will probably now bury the supplies in my craft boxes and find them in a year and say, "Oh yeah. I remember impulsively buying this a year ago."

So it's now the weekend again and I can't decide whether to craft, read, or clean...

I will now go to do one of those things.

Happy crafting!

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cici said...

you so crafty... Love the t-shirt ideas... you totally could call them emmy and sell them.:D