Friday, March 7, 2008

The gift of time

So this week was pretty chill craft-wise. I went to Adega's on Tuesday for SSK and had fun as usual.

As I was walking over there this week I reflected on my first visit. I was so nervous! The last time I tried to join a group it did not turn out well. But I was welcomed and included. Then on the way home I thought, well that was fun. However, I still worried that I would end up just going to be with other knitters/crocheters, and that I wouldn't actually become friends with them. It would just be an excuse to get out of the house and knit with someone else. Well, after about four months of this group, I realize now that SSK has become another part of my weekly routine. I work my life around it. Tuesday is just SSK night and that's it. And many of the ladies in the group have become my friends. :-) yay.

So back to the crafting. Something weird happened this week. I got all my work accomplished, yet also amazingly got a good amount of knitting accomplished as well. I was given extra time and I don't know where from. hmm. Or, I have developed the ability to work knitting into my everyday life so that I still get non-knitting done. Here's to those hoped-to-be-knitters who say they "don't have time to knit." no, you FIND time.

My first fair isle is done, and I have embroidered 72 out of the 144 strawberry seeds on as well as 22 lazy daisies out of 44, each with a french knot middle. After doubling what I have done, for the area below "tea time," I just need to knit the lining. It will look so much nicer in that there are all lengths of yarn stretched out on the inside due to the fair isle.

I also finished my let's-try-noro-kureyon-sock-yarn socks. Man, I have so much yarn left over! I could seriously knit a second pair. I was grafting the toe on the metro. People must've been thinking, what the hell is that girl doing with that rainbow sock and a needle? THEN, i gave a last little tightening to the end and SNAP. I cursed aloud. The freaking yarn broke millimeters from the last stitch. There is no way I could make a knot with this little stub of yarn. I just tucked the stub behind a stitch and washed it from my mind, pretending that, oh, there's a knot there, yeah...I progressed on my ribbed lace bolero quite a bit! I had heard it was a fast knit and, man, it is.

You can find a picture of the final product as well as directions here.

And my wavy scarf is quite long as well. I started the second and final skein today.
This was my non-knitting craft for this week. Like a year ago I bought this discounted wrapping paper from Old Navy in hopes of covering a bunch of boxes with it. Alas, it ended up far back in my closet. Then yesterday I had this cylindrical cookie tin from Pepperidge Farm that I didn't want to throw away (kind of a hoarder when it comes to crafts if you haven't noticed). So I killed two birds with one stone. And voila, a marker tin:
So although I was mysteriously given the gift of time this week, I fear that the next few weeks won't be as generous (even though I will have 2 half-spring breaks [don't ask. it's confusing]). Saturday, March 29 is the next time I foresee being able to seriously knit again. This is why:

Monday March 10th - mid-term paper due
Wednesday March 12th - my birthday
Friday March 14th - paper due
Every waking hour between March 15th and March 25th - study for social work licensing exam
Wednesday March 26th - 7:30am - licensing exam
Wednesday March 26th - 12:00pm - receive results that I passed with flying colors (knock on wood)
Friday March 28th - presentation

Yeah, so......

Happy knitting!

p.s. oh yeah, and Shadow says hello.

He likes to go in the sink when I'm getting ready. Then when I have to wash my hands or do anything involving turning on the faucet, he regrets ever venturing into the sink. He never learns, though. He does it everyday. He doesn't really care when I have to spit my toothpaste into the sink, though...weird cat...

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