Friday, February 29, 2008

Eventful day alone

I had a very eventful day, although spent mostly alone. I got a free McSkillet burrito with my medium drink purchase, which they offered to celebrate leap year. In class I began having a sharp pain in my upper back (which has been hurting all week) when taking a deep breath. The people behind me must have thought I had tourette's or something. I went to the walk-in clinic at 1pm, and TWO HOURS LATER walked out with scripts for prescription-strength ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer. On the bright side, however, I was pleased to hear that there is no way I can be paralyzed from the neck down when breathing in. Also, I got a lot of knitting done and took a little nap while waiting for the doctor (who, like my dentist, is MY AGE) to come into the exam room.

On my way home, I got off the metro a few stops after I was supposed to so I could go to Target in Wheaton Plaza. I needed a skillet. I'm tired of dividing what I need to cook between 2 99-cent Ikea frying pans. I got a T-Fal skillet with lid for only $28!! Nice.... Well, I'd have to say that Target was the last store I visited. I went into a hundred others, but was a good little shopper--I only spent $ at Target on the skillet, a large mixing bowl, and some hoop earrings, and at American Eagle on sweatpants and 2 necklaces. Sounds like a lot, but besides the skillet, nothing was more than $12. I took a walking break and stopped at the food court for a Popeye's 2-piece meal. The mashed potatoes were yum. I was sooooooooooo tired and finally got home at 7. I went back out to pick up the scripts, which were way less expensive than I had expected them to be. Yay. So it was a fun day, if you are easily amused like me.

Now I'm watching House and am about to make it a night. Gotta catch up on major lack of sleep from this week. After a bowl of cereal maybe...

Happy knitting!

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