Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

So last night was craftnite and we had a pretty chill night. Heidi and I stopped at Whole Foods to get some grub. I snapped a pic of the produce section.
This week for food we had mini shortbread cookies, chocolate, fritos, and chile con queso and chips from whole foods. Yum yum.
Selma liked how my new camera chirps when I turn it on and barks when it takes the picture; she wanted me to make it bark again, hence this cute pic of her:
Honey is a tiny, old cat. I call her a little old lady.
We had quite a packed house. Hillary, Lisa, and Amy.
as well as Heidi and Rebecca. I was planted in that hole between them.

Heidi was using her amazing ability to create things on the fly. This is a crocheted top. She swore that that tiny little thing fit her andIt did!
Ha-ha. It looks great so far. Can't wait to see it done. Then I'll try to convince her to post it on her blog as her first published pattern. As for me, I am just dying to finish this teapot cozy for a functional reason: I just want to keep my tea warm! I am almost finished. The striped part on the top is the lining. This is from the new Vogue book, "On the go: Quick gifts." I don't think this qualifies as quick or able to be "on the go," really. But it's still cool. By the second set of 72 french knot strawberry seeds, I ended up really liking to do them.
We talked about scary yarn shop owners, past traumas (e.g. my broken arms), and the new Interweave Crochet that I picked up today. Amy was a little disappointed that I didn't bring it since...ahem ahem...She's in it! I swear I decided not to bring it because I assumed she would have been the first one out to get it. Apparently the place I bought it put it out a little early. They included one of her patterns from the book, Crochet Me. There are all kinds of awesome patterns in this issue. There are several garments which actually seem to fit quite well. I have been skeptical in the past that crochet was a good tool with which to make garments because it doesn't drape as well, but Amy and some recent patterns I've seen have proven to me otherwise. Of the 20 patterns, almost half are garments. Disproving crochet's bad rap, one pattern at a time... I really wanna make the cover design!

And as I was walking home this afternoon of the first day of Spring; early from my internship because it was a half-day, daydreaming of planting myself in front of my Netflicked Lost Season 1 and this damn teapot cozy lining, I saw for the first time this year's bulbs coming up. The blurriness of the blossoms is from the windy windy winds, which made it not feel like Spring so much. It's ok, it will come.
Happy knitting!

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Katie said...

Hi! I saw your blog through (I was looking at BeSweet's Magic Ball), and thought it looked interesting, and decided I'd pop over!

Happy spring, to you too! (: