Thursday, February 28, 2008

Magazines, glue, tea, and strawberries

Last night was craft nite. At Adega's on Tuesday we realized that we have been doing projects centered around reusing objects, so we decided to continue the tradition. We took some magazines and cut pages into long triangles, then wrapped them around toothpicks using a little glue (I was using a little too much at one point, cursing with all my might when I couldn't even get it off my toothpick). These are Amy's beads. And mine:They turned out ok, but we found there was little room to change it up, so they got a little boring. But, they were still fun nonetheless. We concluded by making containers with which to bring our new beads home. Heidi: Tanya:Heidi:It gave us an idea for next week: origami! We'll probably use the magazines again to go with our reusing theme.

During the earlier eating portion of our night, we had fresh fruit thanks to Heidi, some leftover trifle from my Sunday knitting thing, and some yummy tea from South Africa. Selma decided with her silly self to plop some fruit pieces into her tea. We were in stitches (no pun intended), especially when she opened her mouth to talk and a strawberry fell out and into her tea. You had to be there.

Also, I dwindled my wips from 9 to 7. I finished the Bloody Stupid Johnson, which turned out GREAT, and frogged my hat that I had based on the my so-called scarf. I also have progressed on my "tea time" tacky-chic teapot cozy.
Happy knitting (and reusing)!


tati said...

happy times!

The Purloined Letter said...

Sounds like so much fun. Y'all have got to show me how to make the beads (although I think I'm going to spend the afternoon playing around with the idea. Hope to see you next Tuesday.