Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One step forward and one step back

One step forward:

I finished knitting the French Press Slippers... One WIP off the list.

I knit everything during Little Miss Sunshine and the Price is Right:

To be honest, I did go to the first commercial break into Law and Order SVU. You know, the one after that one shocking scene. But then I was done. Gimme a break, I had to frog one piece and knit it over.

Then the next 1 hour and 45 minutes was spent seaming and creating a pile of ends post weave-in:

Tada!Now they just need a little quality time with some jeans in the washing machine. Which will have to wait until I make it over to mom's in the near future.

So now that I'm riding the productive wave I think I will start my next project. Don't be mad... it is not currently on my list! BUT it is a great stash buster and works up fast. Since I have 3 other identical skeins, I might just make it some brothers and sisters...

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