Saturday, March 14, 2009


so my last post was a month ago...i'm not even going to comment any further this time...

So I haven't been a good little knitter the past few weeks. I haven't gone to the Tuesday SSK knitting group because I have this new job and I get off at 8:30pm. I haven't read or write blogs. I haven't been on Ravelry, including perusing new patterns. So I was doing the latter just moments ago and I kept loving these new patterns, then I noticed they had something in common...Knitty Spring 2009! I got the email from Amy Singer while at work but put off reading it until rediscovering it this morning. A nice birthday present (my bday was the 12th).

The first pattern I came across--Shipwreck--is simply amazing. There is a list of 67 needle sizes you need to make it, not to mention 5000 beads which I assume you string on before knitting. All that and a whopping 3 skeins of sock yarn (which you have to dye yourself). For me it'd be another Jeanie Shawl (which is sitting in a bag somewhere, 1/6th of the way finished). You need to be a dedicated lace shawl knitter (...dyer, and beader) to make this exquisite thing. Oh yeah, and the first picture on the pattern page looks exactly like me from behind when I was in the seventh grade.
I like the idea and design of Hanne--it looks fun to knit--but I would probably not wear it, even though I think it looks nice. Maybe I will make it then...
Lastly, the bird mobile, named Flock, is adorable and a great way to use up random balls of yarn.
Ok, now I'm off to knitting group. Have a good day!

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