Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sick Day

So I am having a sick day. More on that later. First, have you SEEN the new Interweave Knits? I think it's the best yet. Here are some patterns that stood out for me, in reverse order (for anticipation's sake):
8. Silk Cocoon Cardigan. Love the matching texture on the shoulders and wrists, although I will probably never get to knitting this.
7. Sweet Tee. This silhouette is one of my favorites to wear. I'd probably make it longer and skip the fair isle, though. Also, will probably never knit this.
6. Float Stole. This is my idea of the ideal lace shawl: lots of coverage. Sorry, but I always question the warmth of those really holey lace shawls. This one looks actually warm. But when I saw the width of this yarn, I had shortness of breath, so I don't think I'm ready to knit this yet. 5. Sculpted Lace Scarf. I am always weak for cables. The lace aspect is good too, since it might counterbalance the amount of yarn it takes to make the cables. I also see in my future small projects for men as recipients (one in particular), and this project looks like a nice one.4. Net Duffel Bag. This just looks really fun to knit. Also strong and functional.
3. Whisper Cardigan. Always love a good cardigan. This one looks good for Spring--just warm enough.
2. Blooming Cotton Scarf. Besides having to cast on 400 stitches, this one looks fun to knit. I love the colors and after searching for different cotton yarns to use, it looks like that to achieve the right effect I might just have to use the suggested yarn. The scarf reminds me of my friend Soyona. Bright and cheerful, yet super laid back and new bohemian/hippie. I excitedly anticipate the weight of it too.1. Petal Halter. Ok, so as of me typing this, 468 people have favorited this on Ravelry, so I don't need to persuade you why this is cool. (but I will anyway) Great shape, interesting construction, beautiful. If you like this, try the book, Knitting New Scarves. Just look. You'll see.So, anyway, kudos to Eunny and all the designers. These were only my top favorite. There is nothing in the issue I wouldn't knit. Great combination of patterns (although they are almost all larger patterns. I like the speed of knitting accessories too).

What is on my needles? What's not?

I finally started Breeze from Knitty, which I queued on Jan 2, 2008 and had the yarn for for almost a year.

I love the heel flap which is made of cables.
And each row in the heel turn ends with the decrease (ssk or p2tog) across the gap only, rather than working one more stitch after it. This created a more boxy shape and defined line on each side which I love.Oh btw I decided that all my hand painted yarn shouldn't be boxed away but displayed, so I did so. I don't think I'll ever have the heart to knit with these, though. It'd feel like killing them! Stretching them out and rewinding them, then twisting and turning them! I think they'd rather stay loosely twisted up like this so we can all see them.
Ok that sounded a little crazy.

So back to my sick day. I went to the doctor and she said, "go home and lay down." Just a regular cold I think. So as I was driving home I encountered heavy traffic and had to take a detour through Bethesda. Oh, gee, there is an LYS in Bethesda and I will drive right past it. I think I'll stop.

The clerks at Knit and Stitch agreed. I need something to do while I'm on the couch sick!

I picked up some Cascade Fixation for something in Knitting Lingerie Style. That's all I'm gonna give you about that...

I was always curious of that shrink-wrapped yarn. Why do they shrink wrap it? Oh, it has elastic in it? Hmm that seems scary. I swatched with it and it's not that bad, actually. Pretty functional. Here is the beginning of my project:
I'll just let you guess what it is.

I also picked up Berroco Geode for Interweave's free Entrelac Scarf for beginners. This technique is also something that slightly terrifies me, so this pattern will be good to try I think. Part of my reluctance to learn this technique comes from watching Rebecca from SSK work on hers for months and complain about how long it takes. I didn't want it to be another Jeanie Shawl (which is currently hibernating).

Oh, AND I bought Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop. A book all knitters should have, they say. On my way out of the store Lyn said, as she saw the book in my bag, "oh, are you knitting the baby surprise jacket?" I said no, but then as I was walking down the stairs I realized that I have always wanted to knit that--the icing on the cake!

So my wips (works in progress) list will be growing today, but who cares? I'm sick.

Here is the view from the couch:

My knitting box, needles, yarn, tylenol pm, computer, crossword puzzle, The Knitting Workshop, pattern books, The Price is Right, and six-pack of Propel Fitness Water (I've already downed 2 since beginning this post).

AND I just realized that I broke my vow from my last post about not buying yarn until MDSW. Oh well.

And now, your moment of zen--what I see whenever I go to get dressed in the morning:
Hello. Just chillin in the closet.

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