Thursday, January 15, 2009

My knitty valentine

I like quick projects. I haven't quite pinpointed why, but there are a few reasons well-known in the knitting community that I'm sure you can come up with.

I was bored with my projects on a Thursday night and was skimming through the newest added patterns on Ravelry. I came across a tiny heart pattern. Then I remembered that I had already queued 4 tiny heart patterns, one of which was the English version of the pattern I was looking at.

I pulled out some dpn's and spare Red Patons Classic Wool Merino and got knitting. I also have been looking for a low-key present to knit for Valentine's Day for a new friend in my life. No more mistakes like last time (see my October 2008 post entitled "Progress...and the curse")

About 10 minutes later I had a wee heart:
thanks to Theresa Fox (first link in "free patterns" in the right-hand column).

This was knit completely in the round using the figure 8 cast on. Knitty has a good explanation on how to do this cast-on but I found Cat Bordhi's video very helpful. It's the main cast-on used for toe-up socks.

Then I got curious about those other wee heart patterns I had queued. I tried Norah Gaughan's Heartfelt.
This one is made flat and seamed up the side.Then I tried the hearts by Anna Hrachovec.
Also knit flat. Just knit an identical front and back and then seam it up.Lastly, I pulled out the crochet hook and tried Pepika's 3D Heart. I'm loving amigurumi stuff right now.First you crochet two little circles, and then attach them so they form the two humps. Then you just crochet around and begin decreasing.My verdict? Well just a disclaimer: pick whichever is most comfortable for you. If you hate knitting in the round or can't crochet worth your life, choose one of the flat ones. (although, you should really learn how to do those. they are helpful skills to have. don't give up! you can do it!)

MY personal favorite is the first one I chose to do, the one by Theresa Fox. (The second from the top in the above picture) Knitting in round is really the simplest way to do this. No seaming and you end up with a great shape. I feel bad, though, because I LOVE YOU NORAH GAUGHAN! You have a real aptitude for designing knitting patterns. I love the shapes and interesting construction you envelop in your pieces. I have made 2 tilted dusters. :)

Anyone else have a good mini heart pattern? Share! Share!

And happy valentine's day!

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trh said...

If you want the little tail then start the Little Hearts pattern with a bit of Icord instead of the figure 8 cast on . . . it makes a lovely little tailed bottom. I've also made them a little lopsided by adding one more increase round and then having more stitches on one side than the other when you do the tops.

Glad you like the pattern - I hate seaming with a huge passion, so rewrite every pattern I knit to be seamless.