Friday, December 28, 2007

numero un

Hi! yay my first blog. I wanted to create a blog because I wanted to share my knitting adventures with the WORLD. No, but really, I recently became part of ravelry and discovered how fun it is to share knitting stories and such. I hope you enjoy.

Right now I am at my mom's for the holiday week. I packed up my rollable knitting case with all the wips I needed to finish for Christmas. So far I finished all but one: the custom felted purse for mom. I just got into felting. It's magic! I got the pattern off the lion brand website (don't cringe) and made some adjustments. What I love about this pattern is that i didn't have to sew the bottom on. It is entirely one piece with a rectangle base. First you knit the base, then without binding off you turn and start picking up stitches around the other 3 sides of the rectangle (using a circular needle). Then just knit the bag right up.

I will post more pics when I get my camera back. I also worked on the baby kimono from mason-dixon knitting. All I have to do is sew it together. I also finished some hats for my brother, and started Coronet from knitty.

One comment about knitty. I love it to death. Not only because it's free, but I just love how it's put together and how anyone can submit an entry, and I love the patterns that are chosen. They are very much my style. I could surf in the archives for days. I wish it was a paper and ink copy, but I also love that if I am bored anywhere that has the internet, I have an instant something to do.

happy knitting!


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