Sunday, March 7, 2010

Resolution Weekend

This weekend, I just realized, I worked on two things I resolved to do this year which by definition have been difficult for me. First, I exercised. It helped that I had two incentives to do so. First, I got a new bike for my birthday. Yippee. Second, I rode along this bike path called the Capital Crescent Trail, which happens to have one of my LYS's at the halfway point. It was the nicest day in the DC area so far in 2010, as you can see from this beauty of a photo:(Isn't it backwards that my cellphone takes better pictures than my camera?)

So then God rewarded me for my efforts when I found out that all bamboo circular needles at said yarn shop were 50% off because they are not selling bamboo needles anymore (they will sell only addi's...I love those too but don't get me started on optimal yarn and needle combinations...)

I also knitted a lot and made markable progress on several different projects.

I am a toe away from the first sock of this project:
Can't wait to block.... these are a little snug.

Finished the transition gloves:
I must've been tense when knitting the first one (on the left) because it is way tighter. Luckily I have tiny wrists.

Made progress on my petal halter, which was my Olympics Knitting project:
I give myself an honorable mention for this. If knitting was really in the olympics, SPM would have gold with her fair isle sweater made of sock yarn and I'd be that athlete in 26th place who just barely qualified for the olympics and went just for the experience, knowing that I wouldn't actually win. See how that hanging string is a little wavy? That's because I seamed and unseamed the blasted sides a few times, ending with an unseam. Grr. At least I've made progress though.

I love the progress I've made on the February Lady sweater:
I also made progress on my After Dark Robe. A picture of it would be way too boring to post though.

And I end with something I've been pondering. I have added in the column to the right a countdown to the MD Sheep and Wool Festival. Like many others, I will be making the vow to not buy any yarn until then. Most people call this a "yarn diet" but I propose calling it a "yarn fast" because you are ridding yourself of all yarn intake... using only what you have stored up (stashed), much like a hibernating bear. Just a thought. Feel free to share your opinion.

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